Walk with the Ancients/Choice of 4 (K)

The Ancient Ones walked and worked, played and hunted, lived and died in the brutal and barren lands. See the placed they lived, the places they hunted and the places they made pictures on the rock walls. Were they graffeti or were they ancient forms of communication or tribal ceremonies? Come and see the amazing artwork, communication or just plain graffeti on the walls of these ancient rocks. You will come to learn and connect with the Ancient Ones of long years gone by. The rock formations are astounding as well.

wdt_ID Name Description
1 Tour Name Walk with the Ancients/Choice of 4 (K)
2 Tour Type Full Day
3 Combos N/A
4 Seasons S, S, F, W
5 Days Monday - Saturday
6 Start Times 5AM/8AM/11AM/2PM/3:30PM
7 Pricing
8 1 people $150
9 2 people $225
12 3 people $300

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