After a few years of doing Jeep tours, we yearned to discover more spectacular sites that were even more difficult to get to in this local area.

That lead us to obtaining permits for canyoneering and rappelling so that we could experience slot canyons that you couldn’t walk through because it included several rappels.

We love helping others experience some less common, but equally amazing slot canyons in a more interactive way.

If you want to have a more “hands-on” adventure to see some sites that few have seen, then clambering through a slot canyon in a harness with us may be perfect for you!



Canyoneering FAQ’s:

  • How long is a canyoneering tour?
    • You have two options to choose from:
      • Half-Day (4-5 hours) see pricing below
      • Full-Day (7-8 hours) see pricing below
  • How many rappels will we do?
    • Half Day: 4-6 rappels (depending on group size, experience, etc.)
    • Full Day: 7-12 rappels (depending on group size, experience, etc.)
  • Do I have to be experienced in rappelling to do this tour?
    • Nope! This is great for beginners. Most of the rappels are short as there are several you go through in the slot canyon. Our expert guides will teach and help you through the canyon every step of the way. Your safety is our number one priority.
  • Do I have to bring my own gear or pay extra for it?
    • Nope! We provide all of the gear and the cost for using it is included in the price. 
  • Can my kids come on this tour?
    • This really depends on your kid, we have youth harnesses and have had 8 year olds go canyoneering with us and they did great. If you are wondering about your child, give us a call and we can discuss more details to find out if this would be a good fit. 
  • Is there water in the canyon? 
    • Usually not, but depending on the time of year, there can be. We’ve rappelled down to some parts and landed into waist high water before. 


Canyoneering prices

People Half-Day Full-Day
1-2 people $290 $390
3 people $435 $585
4 people $580 $780
5 + people call call

***With fluctuating gas prices, there will be a small gas-surcharge added to each private tour. Please call if you have questions. Thanks for understanding!


request a tour


We are a family run business so our canyoneering availability can vary depending on what guides we have working.

Please give us a call or fill out the information below to request a canyoneering tour with the date and time you prefer and we will get back to you as soon as we can with our availability (usually within 24 hours)! 

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