The Wave

(6-8 Hours)

The iconic Wave is a very popular destination. It is a pretty rugged 3.1 mile hike each way.

The heat can be brutal!

The destination is definitely worth the effort to wait for the daily lottery, and brave the elements. Around the Wave, you may have time to check out the Boneyard, Cheeseburger Rock, Dinosaur Tracks, and a variety of additional formations and spectacular colors.

There are a couple of tricky spots along the hike, so we are happy to guide your group to ensure that you have a memorable, safe experience. We will provide some water, however, we recommend that you bring extra, as the heat can be dangerous.

This tour will last anywhere from 6-8 hours depending on the weather, ability of the hikers, and the number of photos you desire to take.

We are happy to point you to some of the attractions, and help you make this a wonderful day!

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