2-3 Hour Tours (single site)


Only have a short time to see some sights in Kanab? Try any of these tours!

Peekaboo Slot Canyon

Great Chamber (Cutler Point)

Candy Corn Toadstools

Peek-a-Boo Slot Canyon

This stunning slot canyon is the iconic treasure of our local area, causing it to be our most requested tour.

The Great Chamber/Cutler Point

This Monolithic alcove has one GIANT sand dune in the middle.

Candy Corn Toadstools

The Toadstools is an enchanting wilderness area in a land of balanced rock formations which look like mushrooms.

inchworm arch

dinosaur tracks

white wave

Inchworm Arch

This double arch looks like a long inchworm making it’s way down the canyon wall when seen from just the right angle. 

Moccasin Dinosaur Tracks

The Moccasin Mountain Dinosaur Tracksite contains one of the highest diversities of fossilized vertebrate tracks in North America.

The White Wave

The White Wave is a beautiful scenic area and rock formation at the base of the white cliffs with sweeping views, striated sandstone, neat rock fins, and cool rock art.

South Fork pictographs

South Fork Pictographs

Some of the most intricate pictographs in the area connecting you to ancient peoples.


2-3 Hours (1 Site)

4-6 Hours (2 Sites)

7-8 Hours (1/3 Sites) 9-12 Hours (2/4 Sites)

JEEP (1-4 people)

$195 $330 $345/$445* $575
SUV (5-6 people) $300 $425 $535** $700
4×4 VAN (7-10 people) $450 $650 $850** $1100

*First price is for 1-2 people, second price is for 3-4 people.

**For tours to White Pocket, an additional $150 will be added to this price due to permit laws that require two guides with groups of 6-10 people.


~With fluctuating gas prices. there will be a small gas-surcharge added to each private tour. Please call if you have any questions. Thanks for understanding!~

Combo Tours


Hard to pick just one tour? Well, the sky is the limit!

Whatever you would like to see we can put in a combination with other tours for a package we know you’ll love.


Pick two 2-3 hour tours Priced as 4-6 hour combo
Pick three 2-3 hour tours Priced as 7-8 hour combo
Pick one 2-3 hour tour + one 4-6 hour tour Priced as 7-8 hour combo
Pick two 4-6 hour tours Priced as 9-12 hour combo
Pick one 2-3 hour tour + one 7-8 hour tour Priced as 9-12 hour combo


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