Candy Corn Toadstools

These delicate Candy Corn Toadstools are happily settled in an enchanting wilderness and are a perfect example of the abundant unique rock formations that are nestled all throughout the Kanab area. Toadstools are naturally made spire-like formations with a boulder perched atop a pedestal of rock, that form when softer rock erodes away, leaving a column sheltered from wind and water. These balanced rock formations get their name from their peculiar resemblance to mushrooms and are also referred to as “Mother Nature’s geological mushrooms”. This is a great tour for those who would like to do little or no hiking but still want to see the beautiful geological phenomenon of the local area.

Candy Corn Toadstools
Candy Corn Toadstools

Additional details

Days Monday-Saturday
Duration 2-3 hours
Times 8am, 11am, 2pm, 5pm
Seasons Year round (weather permitting)
Permit Needed? No
Distance ~.25 miles roundtrip
Difficulty 1 / 5     (  1 = easy  5 = very hard  )
Terrain Relatively flat with optional slight incline in some areas.
Additional info Bring your own water for hiking. 

pricing 2-3 hour tours (single site)

1-2 people $170
3 people $215
4 people $250
5 people $300
Additional people (per person) $50

***all tours are subject to 15% taxes and fees***

***With current unpredictable inflation of gas prices, ALL PRIVATE TOURS WILL BE SUBJECT TO AN ADDITIONAL GAS SURCHARGE OF THE DIFFERENCE OF THE CURRENT PRICE PER GALLON OVER $2.75/GAL. Pricing was originally made when gas was $2.50/gal, we hope there is another drop before we have to permanently change our prices. Thank you for understanding!