4-6 Hour Tours (two sites)

Have a little more time to see a some of the best spots in Kanab? Well we’ve got good news for you!

Select any TWO 2-3 hour tour sites to create your own 4-6 hour tour in our combination package.

Not sure which two sites to combine? Check our Combination Tour Page for more details and recommendations!


pricing (Jeep tours)

2-3 Hours (1 Site) 4-6 Hours (2 Sites) 7-8 Hours (3 Sites) 9-12 Hour Tour
1 – 2 people $170 $270 $345 $495
3 people $215 $310 $415 $575
4 people $250 $350 $490 $650
5 people $300 $400 $575 $725
6 people $350 $450 $650 $800
Additional people (per person) $50 $50 $75 $75

***all tours are subject to 15% taxes and fees***

***With current unpredictable inflation of gas prices, ALL PRIVATE TOURS WILL BE SUBJECT TO AN ADDITIONAL GAS SURCHARGE OF THE DIFFERENCE OF THE CURRENT PRICE PER GALLON OVER $2.75/GAL. Pricing was originally made when gas was $2.50/gal, we hope there is another drop before we have to permanently change our prices. Thank you for understanding!


Another great option if you are looking for 4-6 hours of fun is to come on a half-day canyoneering tour with us!

Though the pricing is different than Jeep tours, you will love the unique experience of clambering through these amazing slot canyons!

Click HERE for more information on Canyoneering. 


more Combo Tours


Hard to pick just one or two tours? Well, the sky is the limit!

Whatever you would like to see we can put in a combination with other tours for a package we know you’ll love.


Pick two 2-3 hour tours Priced as 4-6 hours 
Pick three 2-3 hour tours Priced as 7-8 hours
Pick one 2-3 hour tour + one 4-6 hour tour Priced as 7-8 hours
Pick two 4-6 hour tours Priced as 9-12 hours 
Pick one 2-3 hour tour + one 7-8 hour tour Priced as 9-12 hours