White Pocket

(7 Hours Round Trip)

White Pocket is an amazing place! The “brain rock”, red, orange, and yellow swirls will make you feel like you are on another planet. There is an easy, short hike through the sand. White Pocket itself is about a square mile of unique, curious curves, swirls, and colors of rocks. This is a photographers happy place.

This tour takes about 7 hours round trip. The sand en route is very deep. Our 4 wheel drive vehicles have high clearance and a plenty of experience making the trip. We love being out at White Pocket. A trip to Wire Pass can easily be added along the way, as well as an opportunity to drop by to see the California Condors when they are nesting at the Vermillion Cliffs. An hour round trip hike to the MazeIt takes 2-2.5 hours of driving each direction from Kanab. The roads are sandy, but that is our job to deliver you safely. Once there, White Pocket is a pretty easy hike to beautiful scenery.

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