White Pocket

This stunning rock formation of White Pocket is about 1 square mile of unique swirls and curious curves that may make you feel like you’ve stepped onto the planet Mars. Often called “Brain Rock”, its iconic red, orange, and yellow rock formations have recently captured the attention of a company you may know, as it can now be seen as one of the wallpaper options on Apple products. This is a photographers happy place!

This longer tour is well worth it and definitely recommended as an equal alternative to the Wave, but no permit is needed!  The sand on route is very deep but our high clearance four wheel drive vehicles and experienced guides make it so you don’t have to worry. We usually stop to see the California Condors release site where you can often see them nesting on the Vermillion Cliffs.

White Pocket
White Pocket
White Pocket
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White Pocket
White Pocket Rock Formations
White Pocket

White Pocket Tour
Additional Details

Days Monday-Saturday
Duration 7-8 hours
Times 8am, 11am, 2pm (only during the summer with long daylight days)
Seasons Year round (weather permitting)
Permit Needed? No
Distance ~1.5-2.5 miles roundtrip (depending on how much you want to hike around)
Difficulty 2.5 / 5     (  1 = easy  5 = very hard  )
Terrain Mostly flat (depending what you want to see), you walk through sand to get there, and then uneven rock with a few places where you can climb up rocks and boulders if you want.
Additional info Little to no shade. It’s recommended to bring your own lunch for this tour with foods that won’t upset your stomach on the bumpy roads. Bring your own water for hiking.

pricing 7-8 hour tours

1-2 people $325
3 people $400
4 people $475
5 people $550
Additional people (per person) $75

***all tours are subject to 15% taxes and fees***

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