After living in Kanab for many great years Jeff knew something was missing from the wonder of this amazing land. That is when he set out to purchase the Good-Old-Green Jeep.  A purchase that would become his new favorite pastime.  Pretty much anyone who goes off-roading more than once in a blue moon has seen Jeff out in the hills exploring the beautiful terrain in that old Green Jeep.

Over the course of the last two years he has logged hundreds, if not thousands of hours in the magical hills surrounding Kanab. He found great joy bringing his family to the incredible sites. Soon enough he started bringing anybody he could talk into going on his Indiana Jones-like rides. The results every time were comments like “Wow that was the most amazing ride I have ever been on!”, or “I didn’t know Jeeps could drive at that angle!”.

That junky-old-green jeep had a value much greater than its monetary value.  It was a fabulous time on wheels – a chariot with good suspension– but it gets a little bumpy sometimes.  With a great knowledge of the area and a ton of experience Jeff and Julie decided to open up a tour business with another newer jeep that would allow more people to come and see the incredible land around.  They have added more and more Jeeps and SUV’s to accommodate the ever increasing visitors and guests that come to take Tours with Coral Cliffs Tours.

Coral Cliff Tours was created with a vision of providing the visitors to this beautiful area a chance to see some of the incredible nature right here in our backyard.  The destinations you will see are unique, and the journey to get there is equally impressive.  We have many different options so that you can fit a tour into your vacation schedule. Whether it be a two-hour trip to Peek-a-boo Canyon, a day long trip to White Pockets, or anything in-between.  With the best rates around it would be our pleasure to help you get the most out of your stay in this beautiful area!

Coral Cliff Town Homes are a great place to come back to after a long day at the parks! Enjoy a wonderful stay in these cozy rooms just down the street from the BLM permit drawing site.